So the Bad Guys Win — Suicide is Still Not a Solution

Bad guy

Don’t get me wrong — life sucks.  I have proof.  I’ve survived homelessness, having my home burnt down and getting abused.  My abuser got away with it.  He punched me in the head more times than I can remember (’cause I got punched in the head.)  He left a permanent scar on my face.  He stole every penny I had.

But I left him in 2004.  And in 2010, after managing to start a home business and get my life back together, I picked up a cyberbully, or virtual abuser.  First I thought this person was going to be a great new friend and s/he turned out to be yet another in the series of psychopaths in my life.  The cyberbully practically destroyed my home business and badly frightened my family.  And s/he got away with it — scott free.

Yes, there are days I still think about committing suicide.  How often do those days come?  Only every single morning when I wake up.  Because the bad guys win.  Perhaps you’ve encountered this discouraging bit of reality.  Why bother being nice and considerate and playing by the rules and all that good stuff when you know you’re going to lose out the ruthless, the amoral and the insane?

Because that’s what you do.  If I killed myself, who would take care of my mother?  Or the pets?  I’m not letting the bad guys weasel their way in because I’m not there. I stay alive to SPITE THOSE BASTARDS.


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