People Suck. Stay Alive Anyway.

People suck.  If you’re considering suicide, discovering that people suck is probably one of the main reasons that started you leaning towards suicide in the first place.  If you’re dead, you won’t have to deal with these stupid fucks anymore.  It’s a tempting prospect.

But if you die, there’s still no guarantee that you can be by yourself.  If you’re religious, then suicide is considered a sin, breaking the commandment against killing. You may not wind up going to heaven if you commit suicide because you can’t ask for forgiveness when you’re dead.  Even if you don’t believe in heaven or hell, you could still wind up stuck with stupid morons when dying.

The theory goes like this:  when the brain dies, it begins to hallucinate due to lack of oxygen.  But it also releases large amounts of endorphins or “happy hormones.”  Theoretically, your last moment of existence is a powerful dream that seemingly lasts for eternity.

Just your sodding luck that there may be a wanker there in that dream with you.  No matter how many therapy sessions I have or how much meditation I do, I bet that last dream of mine will contain my abusive ex.  I’m looking forward to ripping the tongue out of his head.  But I’m in no rush to enter my final dream.

You might as well stay alive to piss the wankers off.  Pissing wankers off can be fun, as long as you break any laws.  Try it!  What have you got to lose?  You may find that it’s a great reason to live!


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