No One Wants to Listen To Your Problems — But Stay Alive, Anyway

One reason why people want to commit suicide is because they feel that no one cares about their problems. This feeling, sadly enough, is often factual, especially for senior citizens.  I must emphasize that not everyone is in this position.  Some children or young adults feel that no one cares — but often their parents or relatives do.

If they try to talk to someone about what’s bothering them, they are often told, “Who cares!  Get over it!”  Many friends are only fair-weather friends that only want to hear pleasantries and not problems.  People have so many problems of their own that they really haven’t the time or patience to listen to yours.

If you are like me then you have one person that you can talk to SOME of your problems to, but not all of your problems.  For example, not many people are comfortable talking about sexual problems with their parents.  And, quite frankly, not many parents want to hear that their chid is sexually active (even if the child is 53.)  But many people do not have someone who they can safely share all of their problems with and not get chewed out, ignored or lectured to.

This is why there are doctors and therapists.  They are paid to listen to you, remember what you say and help find you solutions.  So what if they care about your problems for selfish reasons such as getting paid?  That’s better than nothing!

You can also talk to a pet.  The pet will be there and listen.  That’s more than 99% of humans will do.  That pet then becomes the reason not to commit suicide.

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