So S/He Dumped You. Stay Alive Anyway

Heartbreak — I’ve been there. I know what it’s like.  Itseems like the world has come to an end.  Well, even worse because the world hasn’t ended.  Everyone is telling you to get over your ex and you just can’t.  So, not only do you have a broken heart, you have zero sympathy.  This makes suicide look like a soothing solution.

Society makes heartbreak worse than it needs to be because of the myth of the soul mate or true love.  You know this one by heart — there is just one person in the world who is your perfect mate. This is because no two people are alike.  All you have to do is find him/her/it.  If that person leaves you, it’s because YOU screwed up.  What a tragedy!

This makes it seem like you have just one shot at romantic or sexual happiness.  It’s a lie.  True — not two people are EXACTLY alike, but they’re not that different.  Look at all of the widows or widowers who find love again and claim to be happy.  Men seem to fall in love all of the time and can have equally intense feelings for more than one mate (which gets them into a lot of trouble.)

Besides — there’s nothing anyone can do for you that you can’t do for yourself.  For example, I’ve given up on dating after my last boyfriend nearly killed me.  Since 2004, I’ve only had fantasy relationships.  They work for me!

In closing, here’s The Police’s Can’t Stand Losing You, about an immature lad planning to commit suicide as revenge on the girlfriend who dumped him:


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