Political Candidate Kills Self in Opponent’s Front Yard

In the weirdest suicide story of the year so far, James Thomas “J.T.”  Woods, a candidate running for the seat of Property Assessor for Roane County, Tennessee shot himself in the head — in the front yard of his opponent, incumbant Teresa Kirkham. 

He drove up Kirkham’s driveway, sat on the wall and committed suicide.  He was spotted before he pulled the trigger and even announced to a passerby that he was going to kill himself (that person called 911) but EMT workers could not save him.  Why he did it is officially unknown, but it sure sounds like he had a grudge against Kirkham.

Unfortunately, this was published on the local NBC website:

Roane County Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham is suspending her campaign for a week after a candidate running against her committed suicide at her home. She is calling on her fellow candidates to do the same.

Although politicians are notorious for their ruthlessness, I’ve got a feeling that Kirkham doesn’t really want her other opponents to kill themselves at her home.

Anyway, there is no news on if the deceased gave out any signs that he was considering suicide other than his sudden announcement moments before he shot himself.  Usually, people do let slip that they are considering suicide long before they actually make a suicide attempt.  These signs include:

  • giving away prized possessions
  • no interest in events or hobbies that previously thrilled them
  • change in sleep habits (too much sleep or too little sleep)
  • sudden weight loss or gain
  • suddenly seeming calm, cool and collected after a period of extreme sadness, grief or hopelessness.

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