Why I Write This Blog In The First Person

Writing writing writing …

Okay, granted, only English teachers and freelance writers will care about this post, but there may be one or two of you who wonder why I write this blog in the first person point of view.

There are a lot of mental health and suicide prevention websites out there.  Many are written clinically or in the third person (“he says”) instead of first person (“I say.”)  I’ve written for clients that wanted mental health articles written in the third person because it sounded more professional.

Personally, I think it sounds cold.  Since no one’s paying me for this blog, I’m going to write it any way I darn well please.  That’s why first person rules here on ReasonsNotToCommitSucide.  Nur, nur!

The third person has its place in medical journals, newspapers and some business letters because these are places that need be as objective as possible.  Unfortunately, mental illness hits people in individual ways.  Many mentally ill people report that they felt that their case was hopeless because no one else was going through what they have to go through.   This is often wrong.  By writing in first person, I can most effectively show that I know what mental illness and feeling suicidal is like.  I can also show that you’re not alone.

For more explanations about when it’s appropriate to write in the first person for mental health web content, please check out Writing Mental Health Articles in the First Person.  Thank you.


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