Having a Miserable Day

Have a miserable day

I’m having a miserable day. This is actually a good thing for me in the long run. I’m not used to having a lot of really happy days, which I have had recently. After a while of good luck, I start wondering when the crash is going to come. So sometimes I wake up and decide I’m going to have a miserable day to just get the let down over with and then go back to being reasonably happy.

This approach will not work for everyone, but if it works for me, it may work for someone else.

The Wheel Goes Round

Everything happens in cycles. Birth, growing up, ageing, death — it goes round and round. This can happen for people, plants, animals, countries, kingdoms, stocks on Wall Street, fashions — pretty much anything. I think this also happens with our emotions and inner life. We change from being happy to being miserable and then go back to being happy again and so on and so on.

So, sometimes I push the wheel of fortune a bit by scheduling a day to be miserable. This usually coincides with a migraine or recovering from a migraine, just to make it even more convenient. In this way, I get out all of my crankiness and insecurities until I’m thoroughly bored with it and then go back to a more even keel.

The Boredom Factor

Have you ever met someone who was happy all of the time? Or someone who was miserable all the time? You just want to smack the both of them, don’t you? Being stuck in either state is not right.

Besides, it gets boring having one mind-set all of the time. Not everyone gets bored with being happy or tranquil all of the time, but some of us do. I used to live with an alcoholic who would repeatedly try to stop drinking. He’d do really well — once was dry for nearly a year — and then would go right back to drinking, even though he knew full well what it would do to him. He said to me once that he found sobriety boring. I found the drinking really boring and finally left him to his pursuit of non-boredom.

So, this is why I schedule a miserable day now and then — to remind me never to wind up being like the guy I left.

Hope this helps.


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