Sick and Tired of the Bullshit

By the time I was 16, I could figure out when people were bullshitting me.  It was about religion and I realized that the people who were teaching me Christianity were only doing it to convince themselves that Christianity was real.  They wanted to believe in their beliefs more than finding out the truth (in that, as George Carlin said, “Religion is bullshit.”)  Once I could figure out which of my religious teachers were bullshitting me, it was pretty damn easy to figure out when people were bullshitting me on other topics.

So, now I’m 42.  That’s a LONG time having to deal with other people’s bullshit.  Unsurprisingly, I’ve become sick of it.  I’m too old to kiss up and go along pretending that I do not realize I’m being bullshitted to.  And we all do that, don’t we?  Lots of times we do this pretending-that-we-don’t-know-you-are-bullshitting-us dance if we want to get a promotion, keep a job or stay married.  However, if I’m in a position where I don’t need to kiss up, I don’t see why I shouldn’t point out to others when they are trying to bullshit me — even if they are clients, family members or celebrities I admire.

Now, at my age I am fully aware of my incredibly long list of character flaws.  The big one has been pointed out about a billion times from my Mom, “Rena, you tell too much of the truth.”  And she’s not bullshitting.  That’s a fun one to wrap your head around, especially after having been raised as a Christian and being taught that 10 Commandments stuff.

So, how does one handle bullshit?  You have to know if you need something from the bullshitter.  If you need something from the bullshitter, then keep your mouth shut.  But if you don’t need anything from this person, all bets are off.  Don’t go out of your way to point out that  you know they are bullshitting, but you don’t have to stick around while they’re shovelling it on you.

You have enough problems as it is.  You need reasons not to commit suicide and avoiding as much BS as possible can help.  If you have to, drop clients, friends or social networks just to keep the bullshit in your life to a minimum.  Spend time with pets, watch nature or listen to your favorite music in order to detox.

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  1. Maile said:

    Oh my God ! I too am42 & fed up with all the bullshit. I have to read the rest of it but when i read ur part about whoever said you tell the truth too much and I CAN SO RELATE !!! My mom has said ALL MY LIFE, “you think too much with your heart and not enough with your head” im always too open and honest and giving.
    THATS THE WAY GOD MADE ME ! They also ALWAYS say “just be yourself”. HA I do that and people RUN but i can not be false !
    Nice to meet you. Ever need to talk. U got my email address. In Hawaii we say “Mele Kalikimaka” for merry christmas. Aloha

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