Why You Need To Believe People Who Claim They Haven’t Slept a Wink

You want to avoid a lot of stress in your life?  When someone says, “I didn’t sleep a wink all night,” don’t argue.

My health has downturned and I had a bad night.  I might have slept a wink, I don’t know.  It sure doesn’t feel like it.  Thankfully, I now live with my Mom, who nods in complete sympathy and offers me a cup of tea whenever I have a night when I didn’t sleep a wink.

This is in complete contrast to any of my ex-boyfriends and some of my doctors, who would argue with me whenever I said, “I didn’t sleep a wink.”  Today, I even came across a self-help book that argued that there is no such thing as people not sleeping a wink all night, so don’t complain to your doctor or your ex-boyfriend about not sleeping a wink because you’re lying.

Quick tip, gentle readers — if someone ever says to you, “I didn’t sleep at all last night”, believe them.  It’ll make your life and the life of the incredibly cranky person in front of you a lot easier.

Put Yourself In their Shoes

If someone is telling you that they haven’t slept a wink, take it for granted that they are tired, angry, feeling vulnerable and quite possibly in physical pain.  Imagine yourself in that position.  And you have been there.  Even if you flunked out of college after only one semester, you’ve had mornings where you haven’t slept all night.  Remember that feeling?  Not nice, was it?

This is the same feeling that someone who hasn’t slept well is currently having.  For Pete’s sake, don’t argue with them about whether or not they did sleep briefly and just can’t remember it, even if your intentions are good.

It sounds like you are on the attack.  And we sleepless are more than looking for an excuse to rip heads off and you really don’t want to push us.  You would do the same thing is you were in our shoes.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

People have this strange inner craving to be right, even during times proving that you are right is not appropriate.  In case you’ve never been told, I’m telling you now — when someone says “I haven’t slept a wink all night”, react in these ways:

  • With sympathy
  • Offer a cup of tea or coffee or even Excedrin
  • Recount when you had the same thing happen to you
  • Agree with them that life is not fair and that you are sorry they are not feeling well

That’s it.  That’s not too hard, is it?  Sometimes I think that’s how wars got started — “My country couldn’t sleep a wink last night.”  “Nonsense — your country was in bed all night.  You lot must’ve had some sleep.  You lot probably had too MUCH sleep.”  “That’s it — I’m bringing out the tanks!”

If you want to contribute to world peace and a lot less stress in your interpersonal relationships, don’t argue with sleepy people.

Thank you.


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