My Goldfish Died But I’m Staying Alive Anyway

Are you like me and are at most risk of committing suicide after a pet dies?  I  can’t be alone  in this.  N matter how old the pet was, I always feel responsible for the death somehow.  My pets have proved to be better friends than people, so when one dies, I miss him or her terribly.  I hate that the last image I have of this beloved companion is of a dead of dying pet.  That last image can overshadow a long, healthy life.

As the title suggests, my red and white common goldfish Redcap died yesterday.  I had him since he was less than a half-inch long.He seemed to go into a coma and slipped away.  The other goldfish, which usually pounce on any sick fish, left  Redcap alone to die.  He managed to prop himself up in between a plastic plant and the aquarium wall, so he didn’t curl up or lie down when he died.

Redcap was somewhere between 4 and 5 years old when he died.  I don’t know what upsets me more — that he died or that I don’t know what he died from.  He did not have any noticeable injuries or infections.  When he died, his color was still vibrant.  I don’t know what happened or how to protect the remaining three goldfish from whatever killed Redcap.

People tend to laugh at grieving pet-owners.  Even when I worked at a Standardbred stable, I would be teased about crying over the death of a “mere” animal.  There are resources for grieving pet owners.  You are not alone.  Check out:


Pet Loss and Grief Support Lines

Hospice of the Valley Online Forums

Although Redcap is gone, I still have three other goldfish, two dogs and my Mom to take care of.  They are my reasons not to commit suicide.



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