Trying to Understand Mass Shootings

James Holmes and his hair makes his first courtroom appearance

This week the media has been inundated with news of the latest mass shooting — 12 people in a Colorado movie theatre were killed by America’s latest boogeyman, James Holmes.  As American mass-shootings go, this was actually a mild one, but TV and newspapers are treating it like September 11, Part II.  I’d go to Peter Gabriel forums to get away from the new — and on the PG forums they are talking about the mass shooting.

Inevitably, the questions arise, “How could anyone do this? What was this guy thinking? How can we make sense of this tragedy?”

Folks, if you can figure out why it seems to make sense to walk into a movie theatre armed for bear and commencing fire, you really need to go see a doctor right now.

But just in case someone is thinking of committing suicide by police and taking a few bystanders with you, do us all a favor and get some help.  Sure, it may SEEM as if everyone is out to get you, but you don’t have to MAKE SURE that they are out to get you.  These feelings and even deep certainties can be explored and treated.

This fellow Holmes is obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic.  The so-called “experts” state that Holmes was “highly intelligent.”  So intelligent that he spent hours or days booby-trapping his apartment — only to tell the cops that his apartment was booby-trapped?  It seems that if you were looking for maximum carnage, you would keep quiet about booby-trapping your home.  Otherwise, why bother?

Then again, I’m trying to use logic to figure Holmes out.  Logic doesn’t work in this situation.

If Holmes is diagnosed as mentally ill, this does NOT mean that every person who is mentally ill is planning a future mass-shooting.  Most mentally ill people may harm themselves but do not want to harm others.


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