Trying a New Drug: Remeron


Last week I went to see a psychiatrist.  Not a Freudian “lie-down-and-tell-me-how-you-want-to-fuck-your-mother” psychiatrist, but a pull-out-the-perscription-pad psychiatrist.  That’s MY kind of psychiatrist.  He mentioned that I probably need talk therapy, but I don’t have the money for that.  Anyway, after filling in about two sides of a piece of paper (um — that’s good ,right?) I’m still on my good ol’ Prozac and a new drug — Remeron (well, actually, the generic — mirtazapine).

Despite the “pine” at the end of the name, this drug is not a benzodiazapne (like Xanax, which I have to keep away from because the temptation to use it is quite high.)  This is an antidepressant that is also supposed to help with anxiety.  Well, that’s what says and they oughta know.

I guess it’s working so far because I’ve basically been stoned out of my gourd since I started on it.  If you start it, I recommend making sure you have absolutely nothing scheduled for the next day because you will sleep through it.  There’s nothing much to be anxious about when you’re unconscious.  That being said, I read Lady Chatterley’s Lover while starting the medication and wrote an article on it.  That’s the best way to read Lawrence — stoned to the point where standing up is not an option.

Some more side effects common to mirtazapine, according to the good folks at Crazy Meds:

  • increase in hunger (I’ve got that)
  • increase in thirst (I’ve got that, too)
  • dry mouth (I’ve got that, three)
  • Dizziness
  • low blood pressure (I already have that)
  • Sudden deafness (What?)
  • Edema (swelling, smetimes due to fluid retention)
  • Herpes (Just where have these pills BEEN??????)
  • Increases the effects of alcohol (in other words, makes you drunk really quickly)

I think in three days that I’ve already gained ten pounds.  Food just goes to a whole new level of sensuality.  I’ve had some incredibly detailed dreams — but then again, I already have a history of incredibly detailed dreams.  I’m forcing myself to stay awake while typing this.  I’m hearing the call of Ben & Jerry’s from the freezer in the floor above me.  That’s all for this blog post, folks.

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