World’s Happiest Country is Denmark

No wonder this kid is smiling

Despite the example of literature’s most famous depressive, Prince Hamlet of Denmark, it turns out he is not an accurate portrayal of the people now living in Denmark.  This is because in the study, Denmark was the happiest country in the world.  This is because, like other countries in the top ten, the citizens not only have access to money, but they also are allowed the freedom to express themselves.  Contrast this to the unhappiest country in  the world, Togo.

Oddly enough (or perhaps not), the countries that allow homosexual relationships to exist are the happiest countries in the world.  It’s no wonder homosexuals are called “gay”.  The top 10 also are comparatively wealthy countries. Also, the happiest countries were democracies.  Togo is supposedly a democracy too, but human rights advocates might debate that.  The top 10 happiest countries in the world are:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Ireland

I remember a happiest country survey was published in 2008 and Denmark was tops then, too.  The country at the bottom was (unsurprisingly) Zimbabwe.  The big change since 2008 was the United States of America.  In 2008, America was a lowly but respectable 16 out of over 90 countries surveyed.  (Bhutan was excluded because they sponsor the surveys.)  Now, America is number 11.  It must be from winning all of those medals at the Olympics. Or perhaps it was due to the new candy corn flavor Oreos? Let’s ship Oreos to Togo and see what happens.

Either that, or we know which countries lie the most on surveys about how happy they are.

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