Early October Stress Tip

Don’t even THINK about getting the candy on the weekend before Halloween

For the last two years, Mom buys the Halloween candy early, because she always gets a coupon, and has me hide it.  She doesn’t know where it is, but I do.  Last year, that meant the candy was safe.  I was off chocolate because that was one of the main foods that kept me alive when I was homeless.  It’s compact, lightweight, cheap, full of calories and desperately needed caffeine.  Besides, I was homeless, so any little luxury I could get to keep me sane was taken.  I lived mostly on tea, chocolate, peanut butter and bananas.  After over five years of eating chocolate almost every day, I thought I’d eaten enough to last the rest of my life.

Yeah, RIGHT.

This weekend, the broadband cable for our internet service went down.  Since I telecommute for a living, this was akin to loosing my wallet with all of my ID in it.  Calling the cable company to send a random cable guy out on a weekend is less fun than getting a root canal.  To say I was stressed was putting it mildly.  I think half of my hair has either turned grey or fallen out.

And I knew where the chocolate was.

So, one bag of the candy still survives.  I will just buy the replacement bag on October 30th, as recommended in this article.                        

And once I finally opened the bag last night, I felt a heck of a lot better.

Who Needs The Hassle

We have more than enough stress in our lives without creating any more.  If you know you will fall back on comfort food, such as Halloween chocolate, if it is in your home, just don’t have it in your home.  The stress on keeping yourself clenched to your chair while resisting the tremendous gravitational pull of the chocolate will leave you with sore muscles and a sore tension headache.  If you do decide to get the Halloween candy early and get tempted, just save yourself the hassle and eat the darn stuff.

This will save you a lot of stress and a whopper of a tension headache.  Whoppers…that’s a candy, isn’t it…yum..oh, yes, I’m writing an article, now where was I?  Stress from trying to resist the temptation of Halloween candy.  Yes, that’s where I was.

Stress in large doses is not good for you.  If you buy your Halloween candy on October 1st, that means you have one month of going through the “should I eat the candy or shouldn’t I” tug-of-war that takes place in your body.  This can lead to such bad things as clenched jaws, pounding heart, higher blood pressure and lowered resistance to any diseases the little costumed monsters might bring to your door for the candy that caused all the stress in the first place.

So, eat the candy.  Just don’t eat it all in one sitting.  That leads to tummy pain, which is even more stressful than deciding whether or not to eat candy.  Portion it out, like a little reward for not eating all of the candy in one sitting.

Heck, those kids can always get little bags of pennies or Tic-Tacs, if worse comes to worse.  For other alternatives to the traditional Halloween candies, check this out.

Hope this (munch mumph) helps.


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