Risk Taking As Suicidal Behavior

I am now going to type a sentence that I never thought I’d ever type —

I got a total rush from writing and submitting a 500 word article on forensic entomology 45 minutes before it was due.

I don’t like putting my writing assignments off until the last minute.  At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.  And yet I constantly wait until the (seemingly) last minute to begin writing them.  The way I figure — if a client wants an assignment done by 5pm Friday, then that’s when it’s going to get done.

Yesterday I had to write a quick article for Helium.com, How to Spot Signs of Depression.  I was reminded that one of the signs is risk taking.  Usually, this means drinking to oblivion, driving recklessly or doing both simultaneously.  But perhaps my penchant for procrastination is another form of risk taking behavior?

Personally, I doubt it since I feel so good after I manage to get an article in just under the deadline.  Chances are people who drink to oblivion while driving recklessly also feel similar rushes.  Everyone needs thrills at some point in their lives.

(And yes, there’s probably some Zen Buddhist monk out there who claims he or she does not need thrills, but screw it.  I think you’re lying.  Secretly, you really want to bungee jump naked from the Empire State Building.)

I tend to classify risk taking activities into primary and  secondary risk taking. Primary risk taking would be an activity that could cause your immediate death — such as going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Secondary risk taking is an action which may inadvertently lead to your death in  the distant future, such as forgetting to write an article about going over Niagara Falls in a barrel and thus lose a client and go bankrupt and then die of exposure.

I’m heavily into secondary risk taking.  Primary risk taking takes too much effort.


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