We Just Want a Little Recognition

In his Oscar award-winning film Annie Hall (1977), Woody Allen observed this about Hollywood –“All they do is give out awards.”  There’s a reason for the heavily publicised pats on th backs.  Entertainment is a high-stress business and so giving away awards while a room full of people clap helps keep these folks from going into another business.

I don’t like the Oscars or award shows, but do agree that there is something incredibly gratifying about getting an award.  Our species craves recognition and approval from others.  What better way to get those than from an award that you can show off to your parents?  Awards show others that you managed to do something special at one time or another.

We all just want a little recognition, especially if we have to struggle with mental illness or other chronic ailments.  Some days, just not peeing in your pants is a major accomplishment (such as when you have to pull a 12 hour shift working behind a cash register or if you’re recovering from major surgery).  You should get an award for not peeing your pants.  Is that so much to ask?

But we know we’ll never get an award for our hard work and it can drive us nuts — or more nuts than we already are.  Since no one else will give you an award, give one to yourself.  Print out this certificate of recognition (or Google such a fill-in-the-bank certificate), fill it out and hang it on your wall.  Perhaps opposite the toilet.


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