Never Take A Family Member’s Medication

Never take your mom’s meds

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to post on this blog.  I was gone because I took one of my Mom’s sleeping pills last week.  In my defense, my Mom offered the pill to me because I had my period.  I do not sleep well when I have my period.  But that’s another story.

Anyway, I took one 30 mg temazepam (generic) and was there went the week.  I slept for about three days and was stoned for 4 days.  Now, unconsciousness and feeling stoned have their advantages, but not when you have to take care of an invalid mother and a bunch of pets.  I also pooped myself and didn’t realize it for hours.  I see no advantage to that.

Temazepan is also sold  in America under the brand name Restoril.  It’s for short-term insomnia.  My Mom takes it about once a week and swears that she wakes up refreshed the next day.  Of course, she falls asleep about an hour later and most of the next 23, but she’s retired and she can get away with that.  I can’t (dammit.)

Now, I’ve been writing web content since 2006.  During that time, I’ve written dozens, if not hundreds of articles, blog posts and what-not warning people to never take any other person;s medications.  So, of course, I ignored my own advice.  Hey, this was my Mom.  We were alike is so many ways.  We even share the same mental illness diagnosis.  But we have vastly different reactions to temazepan.

Your reactions to prescription medications varies according to your current health, weight, other medications or herbs you may be taking.   Even the manufacturer recommends patients take only 7.5 milligrams until you know how badly temazepan affects you.  And idiot me took 30.   I was lucky not to have stopped breathing.

Next  month, I’ll just get back to my usual menstrual insomnia.  Maybe I’ll be able to get some blogging done.

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