Use of Antidepressants for CFS with Depression

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a still mostly mysterious malady that renders a patient bed-ridden. A federal advisory committee in America is trying to change the name of CFS in order to highlight the seriousness of the condition. While science tries to determine the cause and the proper name of CFS, doctors work to help ease the symptoms in patients. One of the most common symptoms is depression.

The depression symptoms appear after a person begins symptoms of CFS. Since the symptoms of both clinical depression and CFS are so similar, anyone with a prior history of depression is often treated for depression and not diagnosed with CFS. But patients with no prior history of depression may then be diagnosed with CFS. The patient may also be tested for viral infections or anemia in order to rule out those possibilities….

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  1. Pining for Grace said:

    I can’t understand people’s fascination with drugs rather than a lifestyle change… 😦

    • Anyone with CFS or major depression is suffering from illnesses that need prompt medical attention, including medications.

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