The Big Idea for America: Reform Health Care by Making All Drugs Legal and OTC

Americans have never had better access to health care and yet most Americans cannot afford health care, including life-saving drugs. According to a recent Gallup poll, 32 percent of Americans could not afford recommended health care. An estimated 50 million Americans cannot afford health insurance, notes CBS News.

One way to help reduce suffering and raise revenue is to legalize all drugs and make all of them available over the counter (OTC.) By getting rid of the need for prescriptions, this frees up patients and doctors’ time from making appointments solely to renew prescriptions. The prescription system only serves to help fatten the wallets of big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. There is no practical advantage for the patient.

Wouldn’t There Be More ODs?

People already overdose on legal substances that kill them – aspirin, acetaminophen, alcohol, tobacco, cars, knives, ropes and guns. People find a way to kill themselves with just about anything if they have no reason to live. Being forced to live with chronic illness can certainly lead to a suicide attempt. It can also lead to mass murders, such as the recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, where the shooter Adam Lanza apparently suffered from mental illness and got access to his mother’s gun instead of therapy. …

Please read the rest of my op/ed article at Yahoo News.  Thanks!   The page view payments help me keep this blog ad-free.


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