Using Random Image Generators to Combat Stress

 “I really don’t know clouds at all.”  — Joni Mitchell

Decision making causes stress.  ANY kind of decision making causes stress.  For those of us who have made some stink-bombs of decisions in the course of a lifetime, even making a minor decision like what to have for dinner can cause stress.  For small decisions, you could contact a fortune-teller to ask what your best plan should be.  Or, you could consciously relax and let a random image generator make the decision for you.  That way, if something goes wrong, you can blame the random image generator and not yourself.

What The Heck Is A Random Image Generator?

A random image generator is a fancy term for seeing patterns in patternless things.

Uhh, What The Heck Is A Random Image Generator?

Okay, let’s put it this way — you ever look at the clouds and see what shapes you can see?  This is a random image generator.  Sometimes our forebrain or consciousness gets in the way or our decision-making.  Give your consciousness a tea break and just relax, not really thinking about it, but just see the first thing the shape or symbol brings to mind.  Then, you act on whatever that symbol means to you.

If this sounds like fortune-telling, it’s because random image generators like clouds, tea leaves, soapsuds, smoke, Tarot cards, crystal gazing and even looking at the mold on cheese brings up all kind of images and associations to mind.  Even a Magic 8 Ball is a random image generator, although it shows you words instead of images.

How To Use One

Don’t take random image generators too seriously.  Use it like a great toy or like a mediation with your eyes open.  There is no right or wrong way of playing this game.  Pick an oracle in advance.  Ask yourself a question, or pretend you are mentally projecting this question out to the universe.  Whatever image you see next in whatever random image generator you like to play with is your answer.

You might be surprised at the results.  Sometimes like to use fortune-telling devices or random image generators just to see what to have for dinner, or what TV program to watch or what subject to base a short story on.  Over time, use of a random image generator can help you trust your intuition and build up your self-esteem.  This all leads to lower stress.

Hope this helps


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