Signs of Dog Depression

I know that this blog is about human mental illness and mental health, but chances are that someone reading this is trying to find information about canine depression or dog depression.

Veterinarians use the word “depressed” in a different manner than do human doctors and mental health professionals.  Dogs can go through grief, which can cause a depression similar to human depression or in human complicated grief.  Dogs with major illnesses like cancer can also be diagnosed as “depressed” by veterinarians.  Depression can be a first sign that a dog is sick and needs veterinary care.

So what does it mean when a dog is depressed?  This usually means the dog:

  • lacks normal energy
  • lacks interest in just about anything
  • sleeps more often than usual
  • has a lowered appetite

Canine depression is treatable.

To learn more about dog depression, please read my article at Yahoo.  Thanks!


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