The Stress of Working with Old Computers

Remember when they said that computers were going to make our lives so much easier?

I use my Mom’s computer, which is over ten years old. That means it’s about 100 in computer years. I had a Computer Guy come look at it to see why it’s so slow at times, and he said, “The only way to fix this is to get a new computer.” And thus, the Computer Guy hath spoken.

Now, I’d love to get a new computer, but I’d also like to sprout wings and fly. I’ve got a feeling the spontaneous appearance of wings from my shoulders is more likely to happen than the new computer, especially when we’re getting hit so hard with the recession (oh –excuse me — “Economic slowdown”).

So, how am I dealing with a cranky old computer and this new kind of computer stress? Not too badly. Here’s how.

It’s Not Just You

Just as you can stress yourself out comparing yourself to other people, you will definitely stress yourself out comparing your computer to other computers. All computers have problems. Although you might think you have the slowest computer in the world, everyone else also thinks they have the slowest computer in the world. At least you can take some comfort knowing that you are not alone.

Expect It To Be Slow

If you expect that your computer is going to run slow at times — especially if you have a few browser windows open or music playing, then bring other things to do to when your computer gets a little cranky. Some things I do are:
• Dust the desk
• Do filing (there always seems to be filing to be done when you telecommute)
• Go check on the cat or the dog or the Mom
• Read a book
• Stretch
• Write a shopping list (resisting the urge to put at the top “New computer”)

By expecting a cranky computer to have cranky moments, you can lessen your computer stress by acknowledging the computer is slow, then taking that time to do something else productive. In this way, you are busy instead of pounding your head against the wall.

Hope this helps.


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