How to Know if Your Friend is Considering Suicide

As someone who has failed more suicide attempts than I care to admit, I am (sadly) more than qualified to help you determine of your friend is thinking of killing themselves. This is easier to spot in a good friend or family member, because you’ll already be familiar with what is normal behavior for them and what is not….

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  1. Suicide is not a solution or a way out. There are ways to remove the reason why people contemplate suicide. There are ways we can get what we really want in life, thwart failure and unhappiness.These are ways unknown by many, ways of the Old religion, forged by the gods through the hands of the universe. I know what I speak of. For 31 years, I’ve been a demonolator and I telepath with powerful Spirits to give people hope, love, wealth, success, romance, cure, health, restoration, power, fame and so on. Your problem has a solution: you just need to take the step to embrace the solution. My e-mails:,

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