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Yes, this is another of those mini posts that is basically a plea for you to look at an article I wrote elsewhere on the Internet. I thank you, Gentle Reader, for putting up with these little adverts. They help keep this blog ad-free.

I also wanted to point out that I didn’t come up with the title. My client did. You definitely do not have to be an alcoholic before being a drug addict. I also once knew a former heroin addict who was able to quit the heroin but not the alcohol. Or cigarettes, either, for that matter.

ANYWAY, here’s a link to the article.</strong>


If a friend or other loved one ever threatens to commit suicide, take it seriously. You know if your friend is joking or not. I’m not saying that you have to call emergency services if your friend makes a joke about suicide or laughs while reading a Darwin Awards book. If your friend is serious (even seriously angry) it’s best to contact outside help to make sure your friend will not carry through on his or her threat.

Please check out my article at Yahoo Contributor Network for more information about what to do if your friend ever threatens to commit suicide.em>

Hannibal It takes a lot for me to watch a new television series because, quite frankly, most new American TV sucks donkey balls. But I gave Hannibal a go when it premiered earlier this month and (to my utter astonishment) found that I like it.

The title character refers to Dr. Hannibal Lecter and takes place before Lecter was captured. For those of you who’ve been under a rock since 1992, Lecter was a psychiatrist, artist, gourmet chef and (oh yeah) serial killer who cannibalized most of his victims. I like the show. It’s cast well. It has a killer soundtrack and some really evil situations.

Does this mean I’m crazy? Probably not. The folks at American Decency hate it and they’re loopy as loons. Perhaps I just yearn for the good old days when serial killers would have the decency to murder their victims one at a time. Oh, by the way, my cousin was running in the Boston Marathon when the explosions went off. She’s fine. I nearly went apeshit waiting to discover what happened to her, though.

When I watch a show about a cannibals and serial killers in order to relax, I know that real life has gotten WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too stressful.

Yes, there is a town in Illinois called Normal

I’ve been dealing with mental illness since the womb and writing about it for money since 2006. I’m not an expert, but after researching and writing hundreds of articles about mental illness, psychopaths, addictions, phobias and manias, I can honestly say that I’ve never come across a normal person. I’ve never met one, never heard about one and certainly never found one in my research.

Now, I have read about people behaving within normal parameters for certain situations. For example, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb if I state that the usual reaction to having to eat another human being is, “EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW.” It would be abnormal to say, “Praise the Lord and pass the sauce.” However, people who do not want to eat other people are not necessarily normal in every aspect. They could all have some sort of mental illness.

So, if you are telling yourself that you are better off dead because you are not normal, there doesn’t seem to be any proof to back up that claim. It seems being abnormal is… well… normal.