No One Needs Heroes

85jimkerr0588Today there was an interesting conversation on Facebook about heroes. One of my FB friends asked, “Why would anyone need a hero, anyway? Is your self-esteem THAT low?”

Before I continue, let me make one thing clear — it is normal for people to have heroes. This article on Santa Clara’s University called Heroism: Why Heroes are So Important goes into a depth on the issue that’s beyond my blogging capabilities (remember — I don’t get paid for this blog.) But I also think adults would be a lot better off if they didn’t have heroes.

One of the ways that we learn is by mimicry. You see kids do this all of the time. Mimicking a hero’s actions can somehow sprinkle that magic hero-dust on ourselves. It may even help others out.

But when you’re an adult, you have to face reality and some days that’s damn hard to do. The reality is that heroes, like divine beings, do not exist. All heroes (including God) will let you down at some point. Or many points. This let-down can be quite depressing.

The real depressing thing is to look for another hero when you know full well that none exist. Heroes are like God, the American Way or the Tooth Fairy — we made ’em up. They make for great stories, but not much else.

I’ve had many heroes that have failed me in my life because I was stupid enough to believe that heroes existed.

Now, I still admire certain folks, like Peter Gabriel (pictured in 1988 with Jim Kerr.) Hell, I even have a blog mostly devoted to him. I envy his creativity, am astounded by some of his humanitarian works and long to shag him until one or both of us is in a chocolate-flavored coma, but he is not my hero.

There is a part of me that still WANTS to have Peter as a hero, but I think it’s better for my mental health to ignore reality.

You do not need heroes. I do not need heroes. What we really need is to get comfortable with reality and just take it from there.


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