DSM Gets Kicked to the Curb by NIMH

Want to do a mental health research study for the National Institutes of Mental health (NIMH)? Forget using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) (even the soon-to-be-published fifth edition) to diagnose mental health problems for that study.

NIMH announced that it will no longer allow the DSM for it’s studies, stating “patients deserve better” according to CBS News.

Even though NIMH will still use the DSM to diagnose patients admitted to its clinic, not allowing the DSM in studies is a major diss to the “bible” of mental health diagnosis criteria.

CBS reports that NIMH wants a new way to diagnose mental health patients instead of a checklist of symptoms.

Although individual doctors, psychiatrists and mental health professionals have spoken out against the DSM over the years, this is the first major mental health organization to snub it.


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