Ginger for Stress?

A glass of ginger tea/ Wikimedia Commons

Do you need to relax? Try ginger essential oil or other ginger products. Please do not use this article in the place of a medical professional’s diagnosis.

There are a few legal herbs that can help you relax. These herbs — chamomile, mint and St. John’s Wort — help your body to relax, even when it’s tensed up in pain. Technically, they’re called anti-spasmodic. But are there any herbs known to help combat stress? Say hello to ginger.

Now, before you go on a ginger spree, please be sure to talk to your doctor or physician first, especially if you are taking blood thinners. Although ginger is natural and not synthetic, it still needs to be treated with respect.

Different Forms

Ginger is another anti-spasmodic that some people prefer over chamomile or mint. Ginger snaps, candied ginger and ginger tea are great for digestive upsets. And many children of my generation were raised on ginger ale whenever we got sick. This turned me off of ginger for a long time, because whenever I got sick, I got ginger ale — no matter what it was I was sick with. If you have unpleasant memories of ginger, try to eat ginger treats or drink ginger ale when you are feeling happy (or at least, not sick) and soon your unconscious will pair the smell and taste of ginger ale with feeling good.

Ginger essential oil is good for helping your body to feel warm. Sometimes, a massage with diluted ginger oil helps people with digestive cramps, rheumatitis or stress. One or two drops in a foot bath is also very relaxing.

Different People React Differently

I like a bit of ginger treats to help me feel better about life in general. I don’t take it medicinally, but there are people that do. Again, you have to talk to your doctor or a licensed herbalist about this. I find ginger to help me relax, calm down and get perspective. Because it’s a bit spicy, I have to eat or sip it slowly, lest I burn my mouth. If you are working with any kind of ginger — ginger essential oil, fresh ginger or even ginger powder for baking, be sure to wash your hands after handling it. You don’t want that stuff in your eyes or up your nose. Trust me on this one.

And yes, there are people with which ginger does nothing at all for their stress levels. We’re all different. Things to help you relax when under stress are still out there. Think of me when I accidentally blew my nose after mincing fresh ginger. I was hopping up and down shrieking like my nose was on fire — because that’s what it felt like. Perhaps that mental image can help you to laugh and relax.


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