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_photograph_of_jeremy_brett_as_sherlock_holmes_from_the_adventures_of_sherlock_holmes_available_in_4_sizes_framed_or_unframed_buy_now_at_starstills__51967“I have usually found that there was method to his madness.”

“Some folk might say there was madness in his method,” muttered the Inspector.” — “The Adventure of the Reigate Square”

One reason why the public is so fascinated with Sherlock Holmes since his first appearance in 1887 is his quirky behavior. Doyle made a fully formed heroic character complete with very real flaws. Readers in modern times can’t help but wonder, when reading the Doyle stories, if Sherlock Holmes suffered from bipolar disorder…

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999821_595402237192519_2113001318_nYou really want to piss off someone with depression?  Tell them to think positively.  It will be guaranteed to fuck up a depressive’s day.

Now, granted, thinking in extremes (“I never get ANYTHING right”) can affect our mental health.  But let’s be realistic here.  You don’t want to swing to the other extreme (“I ALWAYS get things right!”)  You want to keep things in their proper perspective. (“Sometimes I’m right — sometimes I’m wrong.”)

Part of the problem of depression or mental illness is that it skewers your perceptions.  You cannot truly see what is right in front of your face.  It takes time (and often a combination of medications and therapy) to truly perceive what is going on about you and not what you FEAR is going on around you.

And you know what?  Much of the time, real life does indeed suck donkey balls.  Being able to perceive when it really does and when it doesn’t is a big step forward in your mental health.  If something upsets you, don’t try to cover it up with positive thoughts.  Be upset.  But if something does not upset you, don’t look for reasons to make it upset you.  That’s a big difference.

Any well-meaning friends who talk on and on and on about “be the change you want to be” and “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” can wind up making you feel worse.  Tell them to shut up (if you can safely get away with it).  You’ll feel better.  Trust me.