Happy World Suicide Prevention Day

Well, the year has just blown by, hasn’t it?  It seems like yesterday that we were putting up the World Suicide Prevention Day decorations, sending World Suicide Prevention Day cards and braving the lines of last minute World Suicide Prevention Day shoppers.  It’s my favorite holiday of the year, where we all get together and convince the world to keep on orbiting around the sun for another year.

No, seriously — I just found out that today is World Suicide Prevention Day.  That’s only because I follow the American Psychiatric Association’s Facebook page.  However, I know all about Miley Cyrus’s tongue gymnastics on the MTV Video Music Awards from television, newspapers and just about every website imaginable.  Perhaps mainstream media needs to get their priorities in order.

There have been some celebrities that have committed suicide in the past year.  And yet that doesn’t seem to stir up much interest in mainstream media.  When Kurt Cobain killed himself, there was a lot of suicide prevention articles or features in news outlets.  And yet nearly 20 years later, there’s not very much out there.

Perhaps they all want us to die.  Well, SCREW ‘EM!  Stay alive and mess up their plans.



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