Blog Update

1208945_615852321790770_1563295279_nIt’s been a trying time for me, which is why I haven’t posted to this blog as regularly as I used to. The problems of the usual complications of my mother’s declining health, my declining health due to menopause, trying to find out what happened to my relatives out in fire-and-flood swept Colorado and a rising tide inside of me that just doesn’t give a fuck.

Although I have not been diagnosed as being bipolar (I have endogenous recurring depression), I do still go through cycles of having no energy most of the time to having a nice surge of it for about three days a month.  These cycles of “not giving a fuck” and “giving a fuck” are normal for me and my mental health.  I suppose I’ll suddenly get a whole new surge of inspiration once my bills are due.

In the meantime, enjoy swearing and still take the medication.  See you when I see you.


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