It’s Okay to Hang Up on Telemarketers

I live with my Mom. She grew up in the 1940s.  She has a problem that is very common to people of her generation — she will not hang up on phone scammers, salespersons or telemarketers.  It’s been drilled into her that hanging up on someone is rude, especially if that someone is talking. I’ve been having a hard time to convince her that it’s okay to hang up on these annoyances. At the very most, she should say, “I’m not interested. Goodbye.”

Unfortunately, she learned the hard way that it’s okay to hang up on telemarketers. She got a call from a chimney sweeper company. I kept telling her that they were scam artists.  However, Mom owns the house and so I don’t apparently have the right to choose her contractors.  Also, I can’t supervise my Mom 24 hours a day (believe it or not!)  She made an appointment with the chimney sweepers behind my back.  Long story short, the scammers arrived and proceeded to kick holes in the roof — which cost nearly $3,500 to fix (done with a legitimate roofing contractor. Roof is doing great even after the horrible winter we’ve been having in the greater Philly area.)

Do not suffer any anxiety when you need to hang up the phone.  Just hang up and get on with your life.


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