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If you are worried that you may be possessed, relax. Demons or evil spirits have never been proven to exist.

There are many items in the news and on cable television about exorcism and demonic possession in America. In 2013, a GOP candidate for lieutenant governor declared that practicing yoga leads to demonic possession.  Also, a 2 year old child in Virginia was killed during an exorcism ritual performed by her father.

If you are wondering if you are possessed, then you can relax. You are not possessed. How can you be sure of this?  Because there has been no scientific proof that evil spirits like demons or loas exist.  You can’t be possessed by something that does not exist, although you can be fooled into thinking that you are possessed.

Debunking the Myth of Possession

But what about eyewitness stories of demon possession?  They describe stereotypical things seen in movies and television shows — really cold rooms, weird voices, strange rashes and cuts that are sometimes in the shapes of words, a lot of swearing, sometimes clairvoyance or even telekinesis. The stories themselves are suspect due to the tellers’ ignorance and ability to be deluded.

Another problem is communal reinforcement. If everyone in a community believes I demon possession and tell you that you are possessed, you may start spitting acting demon possessed.  You then get a lot of attention and sometimes praise for being “brave” enough to get an exorcism.  You also often have to pay a lot for the privilege of getting an exorcism.  A good example of community reinforcement is seen at where Cindy writes a pastor about proof of demon possession.

So, What’s Going On Here?

You can, however, become OBSESSED, which may make you think that you are POSSESSED. This obsession can be of a religious mania, an obsession with a single person who you wish you were, or even a death wish. There are many reasons for these obsessions, including physical reasons which can be treated by a medical professional. If you’re family keeps telling you that you have had a sudden change of behavior, or hear voices telling you to do things good or bad or think that you are a demon, then you really need to go to the hospital.

There is no shame in going to the hospital or seeing a psychiatrist if you suspect you might be obsessed. Obsession is often a physical symptom of a physical problem. You’d go get medical if you broke your leg, wouldn’t you?  Obsession or possession is a physical break of another kind that needs medical attention.

In one sense, it’s a lot less scary being possessed than obsessed.  You have no control at all when you are possessed.  Control of your own health, life and thoughts can be a very scary thing, indeed. Learning to conquer those fears is all a natural part of the maturation process. You can take comfort in knowing that, in some degree or other, we all go through feeling as if we are possessed by something outside of ourselves.

Demons, evil spirits, loas or whatever you want to call them, only have a power to posses you if you believe in them. The best way to defend yourself from them is simply not to believe in their existence. You have far more serious things in life to be concerned about.