Vicodin is a powerful opioid painkiller which, in a perfect world, is only prescribed for short-term pain. The big problem with Vicodin is that over time the body gets used to it and it becomes less powerful. You eventually need to take more Vicodin to get rid of the same amount of pain.

But Vicodin also brings along other side effects other than pain relief and these can be very attractive to some people. Vicodin can make one sleepy, tranquil, relaxed, euphoric and not bothered the stresses all around them. However, Vicodin addicts find that they also need to take more and more Vicodin to get the same effects. They may need to add something else to the Vicodin – like another painkiller, an anti-anxiety drug like Xanax or alcohol – in order to get the desired sensations…

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I also wanted to point out that I didn’t come up with the title. My client did. You definitely do not have to be an alcoholic before being a drug addict. I also once knew a former heroin addict who was able to quit the heroin but not the alcohol. Or cigarettes, either, for that matter.

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Social media has impacted the world in positive ways and negative ways. Social media addiction is the latest type of addiction that mental health professionals are seeing in their patients. This is not just a problem seen in the affluent West. Doctors in countries such as Indonesia are seeing people who require social media addiction help. Treatment of social media addiction can be difficult, but it is not impossible….

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